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FREE In-Store Test Sauna

For no cost and no obligation, you can visit our showroom and enjoy a Free In-Store Sauna Experience in a traditional and/or a far infrared sauna. Every test is done privately and at your convenience – just let us know when you want to visit so we can have the saunas ready for you.

We invite you to enjoy a 15-20 minute sauna session and test out all the special features of our saunas including lights and music (bring in your own CDs if you like). You can also see and touch all sauna décor and add-ons.

Not sure if you want a traditional or far infrared sauna? We can help you decide. We’ll explain the benefits of both and we’ll also show you our sauna that combines both traditional and far infrared qualities.

We encourage you to “test drive” a Helo® Sauna at HotSpring Spas of Music City. Just like with most large purchases for your home, you need to see it to believe it. Don’t wait; call us or contact us online to schedule your FREE In-Store Sauna Experience today.