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Arthritis Awareness Month - 05/21/15

Soothing the pain with a quality hot tub Arthritis is one of the most common joint disorders in the United States. Tens of millions Americans suffer from its debilitating symptoms every single day. Common indicators include swelling, stiffness, and chronic pain, usually resulting in irreparable joint damage. As we shed light on the ailment during [...]

Mother’s Day - 05/10/15

Honoring moms everywhere Mothers are simply amazing. Whether it’s the unconditional love, the hugs, or the advice, moms know the way to their children’s heart. No matter how crummy your day is, in a quick second, a mother can turn it all around. One day a year just doesn’t do them justice. That’s why it’s [...]


A crazy little thing called stress Stress is a reality of being human. A small amount is okay, it means you’re a perfectly normal and functioning human being. It’s when the stress becomes overwhelming that it becomes a problem. When your mental and physical health begins to take a toll, then it’s time to take [...]


Enhancing your backyard with a quality hot tub It’s perfect that April is Lawn and Garden Month. After all, the month comes on the heels of spring and spring cleaning. It serves as a light hearted reminder that our lawn and gardens also need sprucing up. Routine maintenance Every lawn and garden revitalization project should [...]


This is the time of the year when we as a nation take time to honor the great women who have paved the way for our society today. The road hasn’t always been easy, but the perseverance and determination of great women like Clara Barton, Susan B. Anthony, and Dorothea Lange has made the fight [...]


Trade-in or trade-up – let’s make a deal! If there was a time to update your hot tub, or sauna situation, it’s now! We, at Hot Spring Spas of Music City, are offering great deals on trade-ins, trade-ups, and new models throughout the month of March! Most call it March, we call it Customer Appreciation. [...]

Saving Money with Energy Efficient Hot Tubs – Spa Dealers Mount Juliet, Hot Tubs Lebanon, TN - 03/28/14

With energy costs higher than ever, it’s a smart strategy to look for cost effective and efficient products. For homeowners who enjoy the luxury of at-home relaxation and hydrotherapy, a hot tub is tough to beat. And the idea of an at-home spa is even more attractive when you know there are hot tubs designed [...]

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy for Preventive Health – Spa Dealers Mount Juliet, Hot Tubs Lebanon, TN - 03/25/14

With the costs of medical care increasing every day, more and more folks are looking for ideas on how to take proactive steps to keep their bodies healthy and strong

Beat Headache and Sinus Pain With Hydrotherapy – Hot Tub Dealer Murfreesboro, Spa Dealer Smyrna, TN - 02/23/14

Nothing is as debilitating as a throbbing headache accompanied by sinus pain and congestion. And when winter weather and illness rear their ugly head, over the counter medication seldom brings the relief you need.

February is Hot Tub Mania Month – Hot Tub Dealer Murfreesboro, Spa Dealer Smyrna, TN - 02/18/14

While it may be a little early to start putting the space heaters away, it’s certainly not too soon to start contemplating spring. It’s been a long, cold winter for many of us and we’re ready for some sunshine, good times, and fun.

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