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About Us

The staff at HotSpring Spas of Music City has two things to focus on: Quality product and quality customer service. We believe that a business cannot succeed without a focus on both, and that’s why we strive to create new customers and keep those customers over the long haul.

At HotSpring Spas of Music City we build relationships. It’s the excellent hot tubs and saunas we sell that allow us to do just that.

Our Mission: To provide Middle Tennessee with the best name hot tubs and saunas. We back up our product with expertise and a get-it-done-right-the-first-time water care and maintenance service.

Our Product: We don’t sell pools or multiple brands of hot tubs and saunas. We feel it’s important to focus on selling the best, not everything. We carry:

  • The entire line of HotSpring®, Tiger River®, Limelight, HotSpot®, and Solana® spas and accessories
  • Helo® saunas and Amerec steam showers
  • SpaGuard® water care products

Owners Dennis Croteau and Kevin Croteau

The team at HotSpring Spas of Music City is led by owners Dennis Croteau and Kevin Croteau – Wilson County residents Together, they lead sales, installations, and service. Who knows, if you visit our showroom, you might just meet Dennis and Kevin in person!

Dennis is a revered expert in the hot tub industry having started his career refurbishing HotSpring hot tubs in 1992. In September 2003, Dennis opened HotSpring Spas of Music City in Lebanon, Tennessee so that he could do more than refurbish. He had a desire to sell this great product too.

Out of more than 700 HotSpring Spas independent dealers, Dennis is one of the few who can disassemble and reassemble a HotSpring hot tub. This isn’t just a benefit to hot tub owners in Tennessee; he also makes trips to other areas of the country to help out there too.

Kevin joined Dennis at HotSpring Spas of Music City after he retired from the US Army in February 2007. Kevin served our great nation for 29.5 years as an enlisted man and as an officer on Federal Active Duty Service and in the US Army Reserves. He served in leadership positions from Platoon Leader to Battalion Commander. He retired as a LTC in the Infantry.

Since joining the company, Kevin has thoroughly enjoyed the career shift and enjoys working with the customers just as much as he does learning about the hot tub industry in Tennessee. In the few years he’s been working with hot tubs and saunas he’s grown to understand them inside and out – even enjoying his own at home.